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 All about Feta & Olive oil


Optima Feinkost is a respected Greek and Mediterranean specialties producer with a quality portfolio of fine and  authentic Greek organic products, focusing on feta and olive oil.

Inspired by the rich culinary and cultural  heritage of Peloponnese we produce the traditional Greek feta, among other  diary products since 1980. Moreover living in the Peloponnesian  seaside groves with the  centuries-old trees challenged us to create a unique organic olive oil.

 Optima Olympia  products are available in bio and conventional quality in stores worldwide at Europe. The company keeps its friendly character despite its expanded activities and the quantity of production.

The company-owned dairy Optima - Egnil is located in the heart of the production region of the raw material (milk) and is thus able to control all steps of the cheese production and processing. We follow strict guidelines during the production which is certified with ISO ,IFS.   

We work for a better future every day and we inspire people around us to take small actions  that together may have a great impact on the world. In our company’ s philosophie  lies its strong commitment   to environmental sustainability along with the respect for Greek traditions  and local communities.

Optima Feinkost visual identity

The new logo and visual identity designed by Red Creative unifies and strengthens the company and brand image throughout the complete product range.

An owl, symbol of greek goddess Athena, was chosen to reflect the brand’s greek origins and affinity to natural living, while elliptic illustration and friendly, organic colours, create an easily identifiable and memorable mark. The “Optima” type is solid and geometric, a reference to ancient greek letterforms, juxtaposed with a serifed, almost musical “feinkost”.

The product range is visually unified by a bright V-shaped area, inspired by the owl beak, common to all packaging and labels, reinforcing shelf recognition and product visual identity. At the same time, a series of greek tradition inspired patterns with earthy and vibrant colours is employed to identify and distinguish the various product types and flavours.


Optima Olympia  fine food products are inspired by the rich culinary and cultural heritage of Greece. On the one of the most purest parts of Greece, the region of Olympia the south of the Peloponnesian peninsula we create Olympia optima products. At the  unique Peloponnesian landscape, you can find the ideal  combination of high mountains and sea shores, sunshine and mild winters  along with  traditional villages, ancient monuments and of course  the famous sanctuary of ancient  Olympia. Fertile lands and leisurely grazing animals along with centuries old  olive trees  rooted deep  into the earth combine our land, a natural beauty that we preserve and protect.
 Discover Olympia Optima fine food products- feta and olive oil- part of authentic   Greece’s rich living history.


Optima Olympia  Feta

Our feta, a cheese unique, product of Protected Designation of Origin (an approved organic product in accordance with the EU Regulation). Greek  Feta  has been produced since Homer’ s epic times, using the same method on the land of Greece, proof of  region’s rich living history.

We produce Optima  Olympia  feta at one of the most virgin parts of south  Peloponnese, the region of Olympia. Our Feta consists of 100% pasteurized goat’ s and sheep’s milk that is collected daily  by small scale farmers in our diary. The authentic  Greek organic Olympia Feta, matured in brine,  has the natural taste of the Mediterranean grass and the sea breeze along with the long-standing experience of Optima  EGNIL .

Olive Oil
Centuries old  olive trees, age old traditions  and sustainable methods consist  only some  elements for the production of this  high-quality olive oil,  Optima Olympia   bio olive oil. The  olives are hand-picked from the olive groves that are organically cultivated in the  ideal Peloponnesian climate.


Optima Olympia  bio olive oil 

For Olympia optima bio olive oil  we have chosen  the well- known “Koroneiki” variety- a small and firm olive- known for its volatility, which is the basis of this delicious, fruity yet not bitter olive oil.
This superb  organic oil is cold  pressed from perfectly ripe olives of  Koroneiki variety, the same day the olives are harvested, giving an extremely low-acidity organic olive oil. We follow strict quality control guidelines in every step of the production process.
 Olympia optima bio olive oil΄s   alimentary, nutritional, and biological value is important as it is rich in vitamin E and polyphenols and at the same time it is  so delicious at the table. Discover it.






 ur traditional  Green  Peppers, crunchy and flavorful contained in  fine olive oil (variety koroneiki) and finest vinegar.  Macedonian Green Peppers are  gathered carefully by the hand. An all year long traditional appetizer or  maybe a perfect accompaniment for your favorite salad.




Our traditional Olympia olives from the beloved  Kalamata variety are  carefully gathered by hand, traditionally cured in natural brine and packed in our  Olympia Extra Virgin Olive Oil. Their  flavour is  tangy  and  delightfully rich  as Kalamata variety olives are ripened by the sun and  tempered by the salt air. OLYMPIA olives from the Kalamata variety have the colossal size and are all natural  with  no preservatives.


OPTIMA OLYMPIA olive paste


Our  gourmet olive paste  is produced  using finely chopped Kalamata   olives & herbs in extra virgin olive oil. The fresh olives are   hand-picked. This  Olive paste is   sweet, with mild spicy notes and can be served on pita wedges or crispies. It is rich in natural antioxidants and vitamins A, D, E. No added preservatives or colorings.

OPTIMA OLYMPIA  GREEN OLIVES without stain, stuffed with Almonds, with Garlic, with Red Pepper

The famous Halkidiki  Green Olives are grown exclusively in the area of Halkidiki and they are under the P.D.O. Regulation (Protected Designation of Origin). The Green Olives of Halkidiki are characterized by a delicate fruity flavor, slightly bitter-spicy taste. They have a firm skin and core in big sizes so this is the most common Greek variety stuffed with ingredients as garlic, almonds or red peppers

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